Question: How can I set up a repair?


Answer: Customers may set up a repair through our servicing page, by calling us directly at (330) 497-2298 or by sending an email to

Question: How can I get a question answered about intercom service?

Answer: Give us a call or send us an email; we return emails fairly quickly during business hours and respond first thing in the morning to emailed messages sent during off-hours. 

Question: My intercom won't turn on, can this be repaired?

Answer: First, you should address these questions.

1. Have you recently had a power surge (lightning strike, blackout)?

2. Have you tested your intercom's transformer(s) for continuity?

  • If not, we strongly suggest doing so either yourself or through an electrician. NuTone intercom tranformers have internal fuses that can blow due to a power surge.

3. Have you replaced your intercom's transformer(s)?

  • We strongly suggest replacing both transformers if you have two, even if only one of them reads as defective

If you've addressed these, then we suggest sending your intercom in for repair.

Question: I have a malfunctioning intercom that may have been damaged by a lightning strike. Can this be repaired?

Answer: Please see our policies on lightning damage.

Question: What is the procedure for sending in an intercom for repair?

Answer: Pack your unit well, making sure that the corners are properly supported in order to avoid breaking. We strongly suggest insuring your packages for the full value of your intercom or chime.

Damaged or malfunctioning intercoms may be shipped to us at the following address: 11561 Peach Glen Ave Nw, Uniontown OH, 44685. You may either remove the unit yourself or through a NuTone certified service center.

Question: What are your policies on payment and shipping?

Answer: General information on payment and shipping is available here.

Question: Will Spaceage Electronics distribute or sell my name, email address, or other information about me?

Answer: Absolutely not. The information that we receive from you will be held in strictest confidence and will not be distributed to anyone.

Question: What are your business hours?

Answer: We are open 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday. During our off-hours, please place repair orders via email or through our ordering page.

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