Terms and Conditions

If the unit received arrives in non-working condition or stops working due to any issue addressed by repairs within 90 days of arrival, customers may return their unit to Space Age Electronics, LLC. for a warranty repair at no additional cost other than shipping. Any unit which is sent back, however, must adhere to our requirements.


The circuit boards must contain the given invoice number provided by Space Age Electronics, LLC. The enclosure and speakers must also contain our given invoice number. Any problems with the unit must either be a problem which was addressed via repairs, or is related to those repairs.


Units must be returned complete (i.e. not missing parts, not as individual circuit boards) to be considered for warranty repair.

We insure our packages when shipping unless specifically asked not to by our customers.

Any damage in shipping must be addressed by the shipping agency, we do not hold liability for damage received to customers' intercoms in shipping. Because electronic components are subject to damage by static discharges, always wrap your intercoms in anti-static bags, stretch wrap or paper before packing them in shipping popcorn material or bubble wrap.

Any damage which is unrelated to repairs or is caused by improper installation (such as not confirming that power transformers are working properly) will not be covered by our warranty and customers will be required to pay an additional cost for repairs made to address these issues.

Any units returned for warranty repair while still in perfect working condition will be charged an additional diagnostic fee of $35 along with costs for return shipping.

Please make sure that your system is in working order and that proper power is being provided by your power transformers.


Any circuit board removal or attempted repair by customers will result in a voided warranty. Please be aware that we place security tags on any units sent out following a successful repair and that removing or breaking those security tags will immediately void your warranty.


If customers decide not to have their intercom or chime repaired they may either ask for the unit to be returned for a $35 consultation fee (plus shipping) or may decide not to have the unit returned for no additional cost. We do not accept responsibility for any repairs not made by us. Sending repairs to other repair services voids your warranty.


Refusal to pay your bill will result in your intercom, chime, or remote satellite remaining at our location until payment is made.
If payment is not made after 30 days, your unit will either be sold or used for parts.

Lightning and Excessive Damage

If a lightning-damaged NuTone Intercom is received, it may require new circuit boards. We no longer repair excessively damaged units. In most cases circuit boards must be replaced. Please note: some circuit boards are no longer available.


We will provide an ESTIMATE on units which require special repair. Cost of repairs may vary considerably depending on damage.


Lightning-damaged NuTone Intercoms may also require additional in-home work by qualified technicians.

Shipping Policies

All units are shipped via USPS Priority Shipping unless otherwise specified. We insure each unit for $1000 or the unit's market value. Units can be shipped in new boxes for an additional cost.


If your unit is damaged in shipping please refer to our terms and conditions.

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