Servicing Options

NuTone intercoms and chimes are initially priced with a standard rate for general repairs which is an average of normal repair costs (lightning and water damage will cost more). Upon inspection of the intercom or chime, customers will be given an estimation for repairs.


Costs may vary depending on repairs required.
Costs for any additional parts which require sourcing (tubes, belts, wheels, etc.) will be added to the final bill.

Estimates are just that, estimates. The final cost of repairs may not necessarily be equivalent to the given estimate. We try our best to inform customers of the possible final cost of repairs due to any additional repairs that might be made, but sometimes those costs can exceed our estimation.


If customers decide not to have their intercom or chime repaired they may either ask for the unit to be returned for a $35 consultation fee (plus shipping) or may decide not to have the unit returned for no additional cost.

Turnaround Times

3303/3003: 3-5 Weeks on average

4406/4006: 4-8 Weeks on average

5006: 8-10 Weeks on average

Other: 4-6 Weeks on average depending on model type and parts availability


Units with lightning damage, water damage, and surge damage will take longer than average to repair.


Requests for expedited repairs will result in an additional charge of at least $50 depending on the necessary repairs.


Please be aware that turnaround times are based on averages and may not necessarily apply to your repair depending on your unit's given issues.
Repair times regularly exceed the average.
We do not provide discounts or "free of charge" repairs due to extended repair time.
If you wish to cancel a repair due to an extended repair time your repair will be treated as a standard cancellation or diagnostic and you will be charged $35 + shipping costs.
Refusal to pay these charges will result in your unit remaining at our location until payment is made.

Non-payment after 30 days will result in the resale of your unit.

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